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Emily Moses

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From Australia to Copenhagen, from Tokyo to New York, Los Angeles based EMILY MOSES is an acclaimed, Aussie celebrity make-up artist. Emily has worked with celebrities from Paris Hilton to musical talents such as Jessie J, Australia’s sweetheart Delta Goodrem and the king of rock and roll’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley. From models Kendall Jenner and Joanna Krupa, to grooming for Jared Leto. Red carpets and top fashion campaigns for Italian Vogue, Cosmo, UK’s In Style, Guess and GQ. Moses keeps busy and “en pointe” working with clients and with her new life as the break out star of Bravo's Invite Only Cabo. 



Angela Landvall, Amelia Gray, Amber Rose, Beau Garret, Bianca Balti, Carly Rae Jepsen, Charlotte McKinney, Paris Hilton, Jessie Jay, Irina Shakyk, Kendal Jenner, David Grendy, Ciara, Juanes, Juanes, Jane lynch, Madchen Amick, Jared Leto, Carlie Forlani, Rihanna, Oliver Rausteing, Kiersey Clemons, Madison Pettis, Laura Vandervoort, Black Chyna, Delila belle, Lucky Blue Smith, Tiny, Tippi Hedren, Tinashe, Cassie, Haran Brown, Joanna Krupa, Zerayh, Lydia Hearst, Nadine Valzues, Jenna Elfman, Janenne Garofalo, Jamie Alexander, Julia Ormond.



Italian Vogue, Black Card, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Gen, Elle, Vanity Fair, Play Boy, Billet, Russian Vogue, In Style, Esquire, Travel & Leisure, People Magazine, Billboard Magazine, French Sport & Style, Ocean Drive.



Greg Lotus, John Russo, Phillippe Solomon, Hart + Leshkina, Tatiana Leshkina, Randel Slavin, Eric Hart, Jeff Olsen, Fredric Avenbach, Tony Duran, Keith Lathrop, Marc Baptiste, Marcus Kilko, Matthew Rolston, Geoff Moore.



Pantene, Neiman Marcus, Oil of Olay, Paul Mitchell, Dewars, TJ Max, Brizo, Mövenpick.  

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